Monday, February 11, 2008

Back in the Hollow!

A busy-busy weekend. I moved back out to our beautiful house. A TON of nesting. Getting to appreciate the details as the major, sweeping construction aspect - that has been our lives for five years - winds up. Forgot for a moment that I am a huge POD, a vessel, you name it . . . and wore myself out a bit. Albeit, gleefully.

From the top:

Dragonfly Tiffany's stained glass lamp - bought at Caravati's in Richmond, VA. The colors remind me of all the ways the sun hits those Blue Ridge Mountains.

Garden and spring daydreaming by-way-of Renee's Garden seed packets. Some winter days, I'm not sure what gets me more - the thought of sprinkling those seeds down in the spring - or staring at each seed packet's gorgeous watercolors. Either way, I'm a complete chump.

A mini-greenhouse from, get this, Target. Complete with organic herb seeds - oregano, basil, lemon balm, curly parsley . . . I am one smitten kitten. February weather can suck all it wants - I'll have a corner of the house growing new things. I hope.

4 comments: said...

Yay! Nesting is awesome! I wish I had the motivation that comes with it all the time!

Beautiful buys, btw.

Sue said...

Well I'll bet you are glad to have THAT particular phase over and done!

I love purple hyacinth bean. I grew one up through my eucalyptus tree last year-it kicked butt.

Hope you feel well. Keep us all posted okay?

peg said...

Congratulations on getting back home. Enjoy the nesting.

Tracey said...

Thanks - all! I *will* keep you posted. I am hoping that the little bean will give me one more weekend of nesting before making her Grand Appearance.