Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One New Crop At A Time

Melinda of Elements in Time has offered a challenge.

Try growing one new vegetable or fruit this year . . . from seed.

That's it! Try an entirely new crop, try a new variety of something, test out heirloom vegetables.

Join along by leaving a comment here (go to the right side of her blog and click on The Growing Challenge main link). Things like this are so much more fun when you are in the good company of like-minded folks, yes?

What we will add to the Sugar Hollow gardens this year . . . Alabama Red Okra. For pickling. For gumbo. For the challenge!


Sue said...

You will SO love growing okra. It's beautiful and those tiny pods are YUMMY. Even the baby will love it. Good choice. Hmm let's see, what should I choose?

Tracey said...

Yay, okra!

You'll need to let me know what you are thinking about adding to your gardens, Sue.

Sue said...

I cannot decide! I have tried so many things. Maybe artichokes? I'm pondering and will join the challenge as soon as Melanie returns. Gives me time to think about it....