Thursday, April 3, 2008

Books: Gardening: A New World For Children

When I first read about this book find on Zoe's blog - I immediately tracked down a copy for myself. More and more, I am pulled into antique gardening books and any other written record that sheds lights on old-school gardening ideas that have been lost to time. Gardening: A New World for Children by Sally Wright totally fits the bill.

The chapter names suck me in right away. Even at 37 years old, I want a Lilliputian Garden. The English called them "sink gardens" - old stone sinks held the miniature landscapes - complete with dwarf alpines and conifers and small-scale garden structures such as pergolas, bridges and trellises. Often, these little gardens would be placed on balconies or window ledges.

Then there is the Odd Behavior Garden chapter. Unusual plants that exhibit unusual behavior - that any child would find curious. It also includes a list of insect-eating plants. And a blooming timetable for certain plants throughout the day. From the early-rising morning glories to the night owls - night-scented stock and moonflowers. Magic!

The Pocket Money Garden chapter encourages industrious young farmers to sell their homegrown goodies. With a 1950's sensibility.

Even the more traditional garden ideas become enchanting - through the possibilities within a child's imagination. The Nose Garden. The Bouquet Garden. Winter Gardening.

I have more research to do - now that my eyes have been opened. Stay tuned for more details on lilliputian gardens, dish gardens, button gardens and the like!


Nancy J. Bond said...

I, too, love antique books on any subject, but particularly gardening and poetry. Great find.

Steph said...

I love all the names.

Knockout Roses said...

I would like to get my child involved in gardening. I like the names of those, very creative. said...

As I recognized my need for my children to open my eyes to new things, this is certainly one of them.
They have both expressed interest in gardening and starting a little veggie patch.
I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with, notebook in hand!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

i used to make mini bouquets of grape hyacinth for my dolls tied with grass. what a sweet post.

Terra Hangen said...

I will see if I can buy this book. It sounds like a treasure.

Anonymous said...

I created button gardens as a child at day camp. I had mentioned it to a friend and decided to search for them on line as no one had heard of such a craft. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Jo Thomas