Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Slower Hum of Summer

A little time indoors. A little time outdoors. Some time daydreaming. Some time with a nose in a book or an ear to the ground. Lately enjoying . . .

1. The Endless Feast - my end-of-the-day eye candy. This PBS show focuses on local foods. The crew visits different parts of the country and they plan feasts around what is in-season. Mile-long tables are set up in the middle of a farm field and guests eat to their heart's content in the evening sun.

2. Soy yarn in Geranium and green flower buttons for Willa's first fall sweater. I am never going to bother with knitting adult sweaters eva-again. When baby things are so easy to knit up - in a flash! Ha - so satisfying.

3. Baby swing smocks and bloomers from Angry Chicken (a.k.a. Bend the Rules sewing guru Amy Karol). Ditto on the adult clothing racket. Zip-zip-zip. My sewing machine feels like magic!

4. Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden by Emily Whaley - I bought this while on our Charleston honeymoon several years ago and made the pilgrimage to Mrs. Whaley's garden that same week. This sweet book is charming and has some interesting Southern recipes. Perfect mid-afternoon hammock-swinging (or air-conditioning) read. This photo is from

5. During our commute home to Sugar Hollow, Lynne Rossetto Kasper keeps me company via podcast. The Splendid Table takes me to far away places and then, brings me back down to earth, to test things out in my own kitchen. She has a new part of the program on locavores and the Sterns' Road Food bit sends me on a mini-foodie vacation every time. Complete with the craving for something fried and a malted milkshake.

6. Plans for our own gardens continue and I save clippings and images from the garden geniuses of others. The above photo is from The Arbogast Inn in Monterey, Virginia. The owners of the inn tracked the image (and me) down through flickr. To report that a cow crashed through that fence shortly after I snapped the photo!


Sue said...

Oh Mrs. Whaley. We all miss her bad! Get her other book, Mrs. Whaley Entertains.

I too have been to that garden and took her daughter a Noisette. Turns out her grandson was the proprietor of my cleaning ladies, and he took me to see. We sat there and talked about how great she was. Yummy.

Sounds like all is well with you.

I'm with your troops as they come home, and get ready to go. *sigh*

Bridge said...

I love the "Splendid Table" and it graces my podcast play list! I am intrigued with the Endless Feast and hope I can catch an episode here.