Monday, July 28, 2008

What's In Your Farmers' Market Bag?

What are your new favorites? Old favorites? Is there a variety of something that calls to you each week? Remember, your market stalwart might be someone else's discovery.

I have been picking the brains of my friends on what they look forward to each season and every year, and I always try something new as a result of these pickings. Last week, I was at the Wednesday eve Meade Market with Kris and saw that she bought a small-ish looking watermelon. It was yellow-fleshed and I asked her to help me pick one out. It is the sweetest melon eva-s!

Talking with the farmers at the market also opens my eyes. To things like turnips. Forever overlooked on my part.

So, tell me - what have you found?


earthmama said...

Your blog is just lovely! The one thing that screams summer is a sun warmed cucumber straight from the garden (no slicing--the whole thing!), fresh dill, and a bit of mayo all wrapped in one slice of Tuscan bread...mmmm. My gram & I had one a day every summer. Now that I have my own family, we're keeping the tradition going. Although, they HATE mayo, so we improvise with splashes of vinegar or yummy mustards.


zoe krylova said...

english cucumbers. fat, juicy tomatoes that my neighbor leaves on our doorstep. small organic watermelons. kale, chard, lettuces. the discovery that my picky child will devour orange cherry tomatoes. basil. basil. basil. nectarines. beets, made into beet burgers!

Ann said...

Here in Richmond, Amy Hicks sells the best Asian melons -- they are incredible! My regular market purchases (besides eggs, butter, and goat cheese) are any kind of berry. They don't transport well and so if I don't pick it myself, I'll get it direct from the farmer at the market.

Libby said...

Peaches, peaches, and more peaches. Organic, farmer's market peaches are the only ones that don't make my throat itch, and they're very yumily in my tumily :)

Tracey said...

Thank you so much, earthmama! Your cucumber sammich sounds wonderful.

Zoe - those orange cherry tomatoes convert even the biggest of tomato-haters, yes?! Beet burgers . . . I must investigate.

Ann - Asian melons? New to me. Awesome . . .

Libby - I can't get enough of the peaches, either. I just need to devise a storage system for them that doesn't attract all of the Sugar Hollow fruit flies!