Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eastman's Botanical Autochromes on Flickr

The classy ladies at Gardenrant just posted about this newly released photography collection from the esteemed George Eastman House Photography Collection.

Autochromes were the early attempts at color photography. According to the Eastman Flickr site - "Some nineteenth-century photographers experimented with chemical formulations aimed at producing color images by direct exposure, while others applied paints and powders to the surfaces of monochrome prints. Vigorous experimentation led to several early color processes, some of which were even patented, but the methods were often impractical, cumbersome and unreliable."

It's funny that I am working so hard at trying to get back to this look in some of my own photography. These are gorgeous and faintly haunting.


lotta said...

These are so lovely. Thanks for sharing! I am a huge gardenrant fan. said...

They are gorgeous.
I thought they were current work, as the coloring, view finder and 'grunge" are very in right now.