Friday, August 1, 2008

The Container Garden :: Before the Heat of August

A glimpse into our container garden.

From the top:

Willa plucks petunias in her favorite garden spot. The container garden is the perfect, eye-level, sensory experience for her in the little Bumbo seat.

An asparagus fern a-top a makeshift side table/upside-down terracotta pot.

Globe amaranths against a rustic trellis.

Purple hyacinth bean vines thrive in the humidity next to our birdbath.

Petunias, fan flowers and succulents.

I hope to be tucked among the greenery of our porch garden in the mornings and in the evenings . . . with a cup of tea, with a Willa, with a book, with a grin.

Yay - weekends. Hope yours includes a little chill time among your greenery. 'Cause isn't that what August is for . . . ?


Anonymous said...

I love your containers gardens and am always inspired by them. Each year of slogging around, working in the backbreaking clay, pushes me a little closer to considering a container-only garden! Considering, at least. Willa is adorable! Perfect accent to your garden. Ha-Ha. Actually, it's the other way around!
Thanks for the blog, especially with your busy life. We all enjoy it so much.
Betsy said...

Oh, baby belly! So cute!
Your containers are so lush, I really enjoyed them.

Ann said...

Beautiful containers and pictures! But they are all bested by that baby of yours!

Hope this weekend can be slow and relaxing.

Tracey said...

Thank you all so much! I think this will be the last hurrah before the dirge song of the drought month settles in. Ugh . . . but then, I always need to remember what September and October offer!!