Monday, November 24, 2008

Tasha Tudor and Her Gardens

In a parallel universe, I would be an apprentice to Tasha Tudor. Learning all about cottage gardens. Tending to hollyhocks, forget-me-nots, foxgloves. Baking bread and hand-dipping candles and wearing old-fashioned smocks and bonnets while sitting next to the fire with some knitting.

Tasha died earlier this year, at the age of 92, and I imagine she is somewhere - curled up with a corgi or two and sewing, painting, creating.

What she left behind are treasures upon treasures. In the gardening world, she has written books about gardening with children and her own gardening endeavors. You can buy cottage garden seeds from her garden descendants, as well. The prints above are her own watercolors of her gardens.

Tasha's world is also big on the cozy, simple celebrations around wintertime and Christmas. I just put two videos on hold at our local library - on the holidays with Tasha Tudor and The Magical World of Tasha Tudor. With the long Thanksgiving weekend coming up - I'm hoping I can curl up with Willa for a bit and visit Tasha's Vermont house for a half hour or so.

I know that I would look silly in a bonnet, but Willa is always a willing model.


That Girl . . . said...

I grew up with Tasha Tudor's books and beautiful illustrations. Growing up it was one of the ways I stayed connected with my grandmother. Her illustrations bring back such great memories and I love sharing them with little j!

Tracey said...

Oh, TG!! Which one should I start with?!

That Girl . . . said...

Some of my favorites: A Time to Keep, One is One, Corgiville Fair, A is for Annabelle -- and I am definitely picking up the movies!