Monday, December 1, 2008

Our weekend was just the right pace of resting, visits with friends and getting outdoors. How about you?

Juniper snippings in an enamel pitcher worked as our centerpiece for Thanksgiving (top photo). I have a new appreciation for the delicate blue berries that dot the trees around our land. It will be fun to bring in more greenery over the next week or so.

Willa and I got out for a hike and came home with a few goodies (second photo from top). Several nut varieties and some unusual moss and lichens. Saved in a mason jar for future identifications.

Bulbs found their respective spots around our land during an afternoon planting of tulips and daffodils for our new outdoor room. I will be forcing a few for indoor scents and color in the dead of winter . . . (second photo from bottom).

I also had a garden coaching session with a new mom - who is discovering the grounding effects of working with the soil and simply being outside. Her excitement injected me with energy, too. Funny how that works every time!

And finally, I finished two hats for the Knit One, Save One campaign. Willa is modeling one for me - she was so busy crawling this weekend it is hard to capture her sitting still. But you get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

Tracey, glad you had a (more) restful Thanksgiving including meandering outdoors with Willa. Nature sure can be refreshing, can't it? Love your photos, as usual! Willa is just the cutest and is so adorable in her hat. That hat project is great and might be something my mom and I can work on together. Thanks for including that.