Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Also known as forest or wood kindergartens, Walderkindergartens focus on children (usually ages four through six) attending a daycare that is held exclusively outside. The antithesis to computers and video games and TVs! My kind of school.

Children spend their days exploring, gathering toys from nature and enjoying their preschool without a ceiling. Low temperatures and rain don't necessarily chase them indoors.

I first read about these kindergartens in this month's issue of Mothering Magazine. There is also a terrific story about German walderkindergartens (with gorgeous photos) from the Wall Street Journal.

Wishing somebody would offer something like this in Charlottesville (anyone? anyone?). Willa and I *will* be going to a new outdoor class for wee ones on Wednesday afternoons at the Ivy Creek Natural Area for stories, crafts, songs and explorations. Starting tomorrow. Willa has no idea what she is in for. But this mama, can't wait.

Photo from here.

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zoe krylova said...

waldorf has a large emphasis on the outdoors for children. you might also be interested in sharifa oppenheimers preschool, "the rose garden." i think it's in batesville. she has a book: http://www.amazon.com/Heaven-Earth-Handbook-Parents-Children/dp/0880105666

tashi went to a home based waldorf preschool (and then on to waldorf kindergarten and now grade school). we were in michigan through the first grade. they were outside so much, and when they weren't, they were knitting, cooking, playing with all natural toys, listening to fairy tales, singing and dancing. it's really a lovely experience.