Thursday, January 29, 2009

DIY :: Live Curtains

The descriptions my parents paint of their time in Holland during the late 60's stick with me. The cold, the gray, the ever-present damp.

So, while reading through one of my mom's gardening books over Christmas - I stopped dead at a sketch of a live curtain. Inspired by what the Dutch do during the winter months. Little windows are covered with drooping and draping ivy, pothos, philodendron. Some live curtains originate from plants that sit on shelves - built up on high across the window. Allowing the plant to spill out over the window. Covering the winter blahs. Chasing away the drab sky-scapes.

My live curtain starts from the bottom. Corey put two screws on either side of the window frame - so I could string some florist wire across. Then, I pulled up the viney-arms of my pothos and pulled each vine up and over the wire.

It's more fun with plants than anything else. As you can see our mountains and blue skies make the Virginia winters more tolerable than what I imagine Dutch winters in the Hague are like . . .


Bridge said...

I love this idea. Maybe even I can make it happen. You are full of ideas and perspective.

Tracey said...

Bridge - You can totally do this. I promise! ;)