Sunday, January 18, 2009

DIY :: Succulent Dish Garden

While out with Corey a few weeks ago, buying construction supplies at Home Depot, I found mini-succulent offerings and thought they would work in a dish garden. A dish garden is basically like a mini-landscape with a variety of small houseplants. Succulents are especially satisfying in this type of design. And with each being only $1.98, it was worth the experiment.

You'll need a dish or bowl, some potting soil (mix it with some sand if you are planting succulents) and what-ever little treasures you plan on planting. Varying textures and heights can add to the intrigue. Pot 'em up and fill potting soil in around the plants.

Succulents like to be in a southern- or western-facing window and need very little water. Repeat this over and over to yourself, whenever you are tempted to water them. They will love you for the neglect. Go figure.


PlantBuddy said...

I just adore plants that don't require a lot of fussing over. Love your dish garden idea. And so reasonably priced and an easy-to-do project.

Tracey said...

PlantBuddy - Low fuss is all I am about these days. So glad you liked the idea!