Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mid-Winter in the Hollow

Books, music, seed catalogs, on-line garden visits, live curtains, knitting . . .

While chipping away at the New Classics Challenge, I took a break and gobbled up A Childhood in Scotland by Christian Miller. I wish that it lasted for another 200 pages. I kept the descriptions of the cold, drafty, intriguing life in a castle at arms length by reading in front of our wood stove.

New music from my brother is on constant play on my iPod. Of Montreal, Thievery Corporation and Girl Talk. Making driving to and from work in the wee hours and twilight just a little brighter and that much groovier.

My mom sent me a newspaper clipping on Blithewold - an estate and garden up in Bristol, Rhode Island. Take a visit, think summer, smell the salty air.

White Flower Farm and Johnny's Selected Seeds catalogs braved the January chill and landed in my mailbox last week. They break up the gray days nicely.

Birds!! Our feeders finally fell onto the radar of what seem like busloads of chickadees, titmice, red and gold finches, cardinals and juncos. They flutter around our window feeder - much to Willa's delight.

I am working on this knit hat from SouleMama. Yarn overs are new to me - there's been a bit of swearing and unraveling . . . but it is starting to look like something.

And on Friday, a peak at a live curtain I am cultivating in our kitchen area . . . I know! Y'all are on the edge of your seats!

Iris illustration from the White Flower Farm online catalog.


That Girl . . . said...

Oh I love the hat! I will have to try that (after I finish the four other knitting projects I have going!). And seed there anything better to get through these winter months?

Tracey said...

Nuthin' better, girl!

Try this hat . . . I worked on it last night while watching "Lost" and am finally getting the hang of it. My lips still move as I mutter - as I do the knit one, yarn over, knit two together sections - but it is getting easier and easier . . .