Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meyers-Briggs-ing In The Garden

While building our house, Corey designed a room for me. For my stuff, for my down time, for my alone time, for me to sit with my thoughts. A Room of My Own. I had always considered myself a bit of an introvert - so I assumed that I needed a place to recharge away from any socializing.

I only go up to that room to do a bit of sewing these days and find myself, instead, drawn to our family rooms. Wanting to be with the dogs, Corey and Willa (not in that order necessarily, but you get the picture). So, The Little Room sits. And this weekend, we moved some of the furniture out of it to incorporate into our family rooms.

I had always thought that gardening would serve a similar purpose to The Little Room. An outdoor space to gather my thoughts. But I ultimately found myself confused by my loneliness while working out there on my own. Huh.

I quietly admitted this to Corey this past weekend. He wasn't phased by it at all. The Little Room can serve another purpose, another day. As for gardening, he suggested I invite friends over - to swap labor and have more company out in the raised beds. I was thrilled when a friend and neighbor called on Sunday, suggesting the same exact thing.

And then, there was this on Garden Rant. I'm thinking of signing up Sugar Hollow and inviting friends out who would like to swap a little land for a community-minded garden experience.

Turns out, I'm more social than I thought. It is good news for me.

What about you - are you an introvert or an extrovert in the garden? Would you rather garden alone or with a group? Vote in my poll in the upper right-hand corner of the blog!


Cosmo said...

Great post. I'm an off-the-chart "E" in Meyers-Briggs, but the garden is a place I usually like to be alone. It could be because I'm usually covered in mud and sweat and I think E's like to look as good as they can around others--but seriously, I don't think Meyers Briggs works 24-7. Maybe you're in an "E"-phase in your general "I"-ness--and I wish you good company in your garden.

Les said...

I like to work alone, it allows me to gather thoughts about other topics my brain is trying to sort through. However, I don't mind being interupted by passers-by and answering a question or two as often happens. It is impossible to do anything privately in the front yard as it is right on the sidewalk and street in an urban neigborhood. More solitude is available if I choose to work in the back. Great questions!

kate said...

I haven't been to your site for awhile. Man, you've been busy! Garden coach, writer, farmer, mom...wow! I am an "E" but am an "I" in the garden because I am usually behind in the weeding! However, I would love it if a friend called and said "come on over and bring your garden gloves."

Ann said...

I'm a solid extrovert but LOVE to garden alone. I enjoy entertaining and visiting with others in the garden, but for working, I prefer solitude. Early morning with just the birds and the dog is best!

Tracey said...

Terrific to hear from you E's and I's. Gardening can be such an independent endeavor that hearing from each of you - on how you like to spend your time out there - gives me great insight. Thank you!!! It will help me tremendously on how I rethink my time in the garden this season . . .