Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Dreaming :: Irises

Just purchased my first batch of iris rhizomes and already feel like I'm on the way to creating that old-fashioned garden spot I've always wanted. I'm hoping rambling roses and big patches of forget-me-nots aren't far behind. Mwaaaaahhhhh.

Siberian Irises (photo) and Scented Irises. On their way from debrobinson's shop. Photo is from her shop, too.


RainGardener said...

Love the statue in the picture.
Don't ya just love Siberian Irises? I have so many - only 3 different ones but many of them. I give them to everyone and I still have a lot but they make a nice backdrop with their wonderful green foliage all summer.

Tracey said...

RainGardener, These irises will be (gasp) my first. I can't wait . . . Glad to hear that you have many of them. I hope mine will multiply on and on.