Monday, March 16, 2009

Historic Garden Week Virginia :: 2009

Photos from the 2008 Albemarle tours around Greenwood.
Top two are from Bellevue and the bottom photo of a grotto was taken at Casa Maria.

This year, I am saving my vacation time for two things: a weeklong get-away to a cabin in the Finger Lakes and . . . a day or two for Historic Garden Week in Virginia.

Looks like Morven, several Free Union estates and UVa are the 2009 tour menu for Albemarle. Hopping over the mountain to Staunton wouldn't suck, either. (Although they seem to just be offering new-er home and garden tours. Post-1980. Why on earth? With all those gorgeous historic city homes?)

For me, the mix of seeing the architecture of the homes and their estate gardens is the one-two punch. It sends me into a garden-induced trance of the best kind. Willa was curled up in her Moby Wrap for last year's tours (photos here and here). She digs her Snuggli these days - a backpack - where she can sit up high and see everything. And point and point and point - whispering her discoveries. I mean, our discoveries.


Les said...

I prefer the tours when they have older homes as well. It makes it more of a pilgrimage than a garden tour.

Tracey said...

Thanks for hearing (and understanding) my quirks, Les!