Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Dreaming :: Seed Order!

Let's get back to gardening, shall we then?

I'm going for more of a potager-kitchen garden this year. With lots of varieties of things plugged in next to each other in the raised beds (or, um possibly, raised bed - singular). Do-able, afford-able, diverse-a-fiable. (Is that even a word? No matter.)

My new favorite, zippy way to order seeds? My Victory Garden heirloom seeds through Etsy (photos above are from their site). For some reason, detailed order forms that needed to be filled out by hand weren't doing it for me. I am also going out to lunch to pick up the rest of my seeds (beets, spinach, snap peas) - from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - at a local Charlottesville spot - Integral Yoga. (You can mail order them here.) The SESE has a killer seed starting chart at the front of their online catalog.

My Victory Garden order (all of these can be sown directly into the ground) . . .

Dwarf Green Pod Okra
Champion Radishes
Provider Bush Green Beans (*Easy Grow Choice)
Chantenay Carrot Seeds
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce (*Easy Grow Choice)
Cimmaron Red Romaine Lettuce
Georgia Southern Collards
Southern Giant Curled Mustard

What I'm Buying As Starts (sometime in April . . . )

Basil, Chives, Parsley, Dill

And Some Possible (Easy, Non-Vegetable) Edibles . . .



Tripp Fenderson said...

Thanks for the link to My Victory Garden. I'll have to check them out for my fall plantings.

My cool weather crops are in the ground already (and sprouting!). Radish, several varieties of lettuce, and carrots.

It was great seeing them all come up following the recent heavy snow here in Richmond.

Tracey said...

Tripp - Your comment lit a fire under my butt! Things already sprouting in Richmond? I gotta get going this weekend. (After the, er, snow . . . )

Tina- said...

thank you so very much for stopping by my etsy shop, and for mentioning me to your friends!what a nice surprise!~Tina