Friday, May 22, 2009

In Another Galaxy, These Would Be Considered Breakfast

With strawberry and rhubarb season already here and peach-blackberry-blueberry-raspberry season on the horizon, I bring you Rustic Fruit Desserts : Crumbles, Buckles, Cobblers, Pandowdies and More by-way-of angrychicken.

I have no idea what a buckle or a pandowdy is, but I have a good feeling that I will wonder how I ever lived before without them. And I'll be spending more time hiking our foothills to negate this new-found love affair.

For a little balance to the butter-flour-sugar trinity, here's an awesome recipe for your spring greens. I swear, even the biggest scoffers will become converts.

And once they have finished their greens, they can be rewarded with a honkin' buckle. Or pandowdy. Or what-ever.

Happy Long Weekend! May it be filled with some gardening, fortified by some baking, followed by some napping.

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That Girl said...

Alton Brown had a great episode about all these baked fruit recipes. I don't remember what exactly differentiates all the types, but anything consisting of baked fruit, some sort of crust, and sugar is good in my book. (While pregnant I had serious cravings for fruit pies.) The savory recipe intrigues me -- I will definitely be checking that one out!