Friday, May 15, 2009

Peonies, The Market, The Weekend

I am hoping to one day grow some peonies of my own. Until then, I rely on the green thumbs (and generosity) of others.

A surprise visit today, from Kris, included a very generous delivery of homegrown asparagus. I am taking her lead and making cream of asparagus soup this weekend.

Daylily donations and swaps from local gardeners will go in the ground - continuing my quest to stabilize a tricky slope.

And, I will be trying my hand at the Crozet Farmers' Market tomorrow morning - selling rhubarb, herbs, cutting flowers and my photos. Come on by!


Patience_Crabstick said...

Cream of asparagus soup...yum, I will have to try making some of that myself. I have one peony that was in poor health, but I have been treating it with bunny droppings and this year it has several plump buds. In the past, it didn't put out any flowers.

Les said...

Beautiful peony photos. My parents came in Friday bearing fresh Eastern Shore asparagus. We usually just put them in a 1/4" of water in a large frying pan, cover and steam them quickly so they are still crisp and bright green. Salt, pepper and fresh lemon juice and I usually can't remember what else is for dinner.

Tracey said...

P_C - Your bunny droppings and peony relationship is true permaculture in action!

Les - Thanks a ton - for your lovely comment and the recipe!

Lonnie said...

I've found that native warm season ornamental grasses work well too fro stabilizing slopes. They have very deep roots and hold their folliage for most of the year.

Also, a good thing to do for slopes is to lay down jute, burlap or some other compostable fabric which can hold the soil in place while you're establishing plants. I then put mulch down over the fabric.

I've also thought native strawberries (Fragraria virginia) would be ideal for bank stabilization. Edible landscaping even sells cultivars of the pure native.

Tracey said...

Thanks, Lonnie. Yes - grasses are on the wishlist!