Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Weekend Moments

I found this vintage-looking oilcloth for our kitchen table.

I've been working on my fall planting wish list and talking about hardscaping ideas with Corey. I like when walkways and fieldstone are in the same sentence.

Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men. We don't have cable, so Season 2 is brand-spanking new to us while the rest of the world is in the throws of Season 3. (No spoilers in the comments section please!) I'd like to say that I savor one episode a night - but I actually gobble them up in a greedy frenzy as soon as the disc arrives. I'll probably rewatch each episode before releasing them back into the mail.

Amy Karol's new book arrived late in the week. Just in time for me to scheme for a new bedspread adorned with fabric-stamped botanical silhouettes. I went to The Art Box and found nice quality textile paint.

My friend Mike loaned me his beautiful Yashica Mat awhile back. I keep circling around it - trying to muster up the courage to load it with film and have at it.

A canning class at The Charlottesville Cooking School.

I can't stop listening to birdlips and am hoping I can get out next Saturday to see them.

I discovered this terrific calculator for knitting gauges and patterns. This is huge, as I usually tend to buy my yarn first, and then fumble along with my poor math skills to convert newly discovered patterns. Sometimes I worry about how little I depend on my brain cells to complete basic math equations, but am letting go of that worry and swapping it out for this converter. For now.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

sound like life is good tracy? love it and all the things you've been filling days with! (even weeding)

tina e said...

god, you're a knitter TOO? Yeesh. We really have to meet. I just knitted the first third of a sweater for my youngest (bottom up, in the round pullover) for the third time because I couldn't be bothered to do a gauge swatch. It was fine with me to rip back the foot-long tube twice -- mostly, right now, I've just needed the mindless knitting -- but if something untoward happens this time, I might chuck it until next year. ... When I'd have to re-re-re-knit it, because he'll have grown. Sigh.

Les said...

I told my wife she can only watch an hour of Masterpiece Theater Mystery because Mad Men came on at ten. I don't ask for much, but it is just something she will have to deal with for the next few months.

Katie said...

beautiful oilcloth!
I've yet to fall into the Mad Men thing.