Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little Something Fun is Brewing

The Sugar Hollow Community Garden!

Vegetable garden coaching and full-sun plots available on our land. The plots are available in exchange for weeding the pathways and keeping the area under control. (No small task!) Garden coaching fees are accepted as donations and not expected. From an announcement that I sent out earlier:

Hi everyone,

I have several raised beds that could accommodate gardeners this season and am going to hold an informational meeting this Wednesday at 3 p.m. at my home. Based on the interest - we can decide on the size of each gardener's bed - but I am thinking at least 10' X 4' plots for beginners.

The beds are located in full sun with a water spigot next to them. They do need to be worked/weeded and compost needs to be added. But we can talk more on Wednesday about those details.

I am encouraging gardeners of *all* levels to take advantage of this - I am a horticulturist and organic garden coach - so will be available for questions and encouragement during the growing season on specific Saturdays. Beginners are very welcome.

Please email me ( if you are interested and I will send directions. We live about 11 miles west of town - almost a straight shoot if you take Barracks/Garth onto Sugar Hollow Road.

P.S. This venture is also very family friendly, including Wednesday's meeting. Also, there is a non-raised bed area that could be tilled and farmed, but that would be more labor intensive.


Liza said...

Now that just makes me wish I lived near you!

Les said...

What a great offer, if I was a little closer I would do it just for that view.

Catherine said...

Hey Tracey - can I post this to Albemarle Homeschoolers?

Tracey said...

Liza and Les - Yes - it would be so much fun to garden with you two!

Catherine - Absolutely!