Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Cold Frame :: Up and Running!

So we did indeed meet in the middle, and as always, Corey's ideas were super helpful and important for durability and efficiency.

Our rendition of a cold frame went up last Saturday. An old, reclaimed glass door, Fox Farm soil, some cinder blocks along the sides to keep out digging doggies and that was it. All things that were sitting around on our land (which I love). Propped up against the south-facing side of our house - to capture some of that oh-so-useful thermal mass. That's my father-in-law helping fill the cold frame with soil.

On Sunday, I sprinkled down some lettuce and arugula seeds into the warmed-by-the-sun soil. Have I mentioned that we are trying some new (to me), organic seeds? High Mowing Organic Seeds and Seeds of Change. They will join the mix of dependable Johnny's Selected Seeds and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange seeds. The lettuce seeds have already sprouted as of yesterday.

Transplanting of kale and mustard greens to follow!

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lotta said...

You are ahead of me - the cold frame looks great. May need some soil advice, since we have two more raised beds to fill this spring. Fox Farm? Can't wait for the first harvest of greens.