Monday, July 26, 2010


Sultry and hazy in the dell.

Small moments from our July . . .

Lodi apples. New to me this year. Tart applesauce in mid-summer from these small, pale green overlooked gems is fun. It is also a nice surprise and a reminder about upcoming autumn tastes.

As our Sugar Baby watermelons get ready for picking, I wonder about cocktails I can make with watermelon. Don't people inject melons with liquor and drink from that? Wait, is that something I saw in a moment of weakness on Jersey Shore? Whoops. There must be something more classy out there. A martini, perhaps? Or maybe I can do the injected watermelon thing in the privacy of my own home and nobody needs to know that I got the idea from Snooki.

An update on our Shared Backyards experience is over at Virginia Living Magazine's blog.

Learn how to can your summer haul with Leni. She is also offering classes on bread making and tamales. (Maybe I'll see you at the tamale class?)

My friend Sarah, who is also a rock star vegan, got me into Bento box lunches!

I'm a green mama, according to C-ville Weekly. Sweet.

I want to make this tomato cage lantern for my bedroom balcony.

When I am a little bored at work, I like to plug in dates on for a trip to Ireland. Just to see how much that would cost. Because I have all that money lying around and I love flying so much. But, I mean, Ireland. Right? I have this vision that the moment I land there, I am welcomed with open arms because I look like them. I am one of them. It can't be denied. My hair and fair skin no longer stand out. I easily assimilate into the folds of Ireland - the gardens, the countryside, the tea houses. It should be so.

Coming up in the garden: The garden goes off the ground for fall vegetable crops in the way of balcony and window box gardening. I hope.


Mama Marathon said...

Watermelon mojito. Had one at Zocalo recently. Yum!

Erin said...

Puree the fruit, and run through a sieve. you are left with watermelon juice, in which you may add some vodka. Not that I would know.....

That Girl said...

Our seasonal favorite: Watermelon margaritas!

Tracey said...

I had a feeling I could depend on friends to give me cocktail ideas. Awesome - thanks!!!

Becky said...

I had a beverage the other day that was vodka, watermelon juice & basil. Very tasty.
I also highly recommend watermelon margs. My recipe is watermelon juice added to your favorite marg until it's just the right shade of pink.