Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Butterfly Garden

There's not much I feel good about in the garden by the time mid-August arrives. But in early spring, I put in the vague beginnings of a butterfly garden directly in front of our big living room window, including a last minute blitz of zinnia seed scatterings. The other plants in place include two butterfly bushes, a caryopteris, a Russian sage and a few roses.

When the unrelenting heat left us wilting and needing some midday shade, I set up an indoor viewing spot for our butterfly garden. I tracked down a photo identification chart of Virginia butterflies and we now spend our time looking up who visits and learning the new names. A hummingbird also regularly visits, but strangely enough, Corey is the only one who sees it. I tease him that it must be his soul animal.

It looks like the butterflies love the really, really huge varieties of zinnias. Smaller butterflies, like fritillaries, appreciate the Thumbelina zinnias - but they can handle the smaller landing pads.

Thrift store butterfly wings were a well-timed, completely unplanned score. I'm unsure of the variety of this butterfly, but have learned that it likes chocolate and Dr. Seuss.


Mama Gone Green said...


Mama Gone Green said...

PS- I gave you some blog-award love on today's blog post! Stop on by!

daricia said...

all sorts of pollinators have been hanging out on my cut and come again zinnias this year. i just love those flowers, don't you?
ifound your blog on i'm a follower!

Tracey said...

Mama - Thank you!!

Daricia - I am now following you too! It will be fun to see what another Southern gardener is up to.

kacey said...

too cute!

Nola said...

Hi there! I tripped across your blog today while googling "wattle hurdle fencing". Like many gardeners, I spend winter planning for the following spring/summer/fall in the garden. Having recently seen a photo of a wattle/hurdle (still not familiar with the term I should use), I've put that on my "to do" gardening list.
I'm now reading my way backward through your blog and having a great time. Love your photos and your take on home life and thriftiness!
I got to the post on your butterfly garden and had to comment. I'm not sure what will or will not grow in your neck of the woods, but let me suggest you try adding Gregg's Blue Mistflower to your butterfly garden. I'm in north central Texas, and it's a must have here. The plant will literally be covered with butterflies from late summer until frost. Also, here in Texas cannas and passionflower vines grow easily and several species of butterflies love both those for food and as a host for their babies.
Love your blog, I'm going back to read more now. Hope your Monday is going well!