Friday, October 14, 2011

A List :: 30 Things

{Slowly working on item #25.}

Feeling sloggy at work and at play and at parenting, I thought I would create a wish list/goal list for myself for the year - going through to Fall 2012. Some items are definitely more attainable and concrete than others. Others are certainly pie-in-the-sky. I find autumn to be my time of revamping. Maybe you too?

{Idea inspired by Summer Pierre.}

1. Learn how to use the Polaroid camera my mom just gave me (Shouldn't take much, right? But the daunting decision of what photos to take hits me, when film is so very, very expensive.)
2. Exercise 5 - 6 days a week (It is good for my heart and my head.)
3. Run two 5Ks (Maybe a Turkey Trot and something for New Year's Day?)
4. But at the same time, what with all this exercise, be accepting of my mama body
5. Work on my pie crust (This could possibly negate item #2, but what the hell.)
6. Sew a skirt for myself
7. Make more and ever more time to be with girlfriends
8. Read 25 books
9. Take a class on website design
10. Be thankful for my day job
11. Take Willa on the train to NYC or DC (or both?)
12. Have high tea somewhere fancy with Mom
13. Go see the ladies at the monastery making cheese
14. Continue to simplify - less scattered freelance work, more focus on doing one or two things well
15. Nurture an antique rose
16. Plant zinnias anywhere and everywhere there is a patch of bare soil
17. Make David Lebovitz's Chocolate Coconut Sorbet
18. Make pasta (from scratch)
19. Try to not be a complete slave to the chore list
20. Spend (another) day in Richmond (Find that Taco Truck and Hollywood Cemetery.)
21. Learn to be okay with my natural hair color
22. Listen to more vinyl (Thanks Craig and Anita for supporting this habit!)
23. Find more and more ways to be creative with Willa (She usually shows me the way.)
24. Remember that seeing live music injects me with happiness
25. Photograph as much of Sugar Hollow as possible (and as much as possible with the appearance of an ethereal woodland fairy)
26. Continue to buy as much as possible by way of thrifting or second hand stores or garage sales
27. Less grudges, more gratitude
28. Remember that compassion feels good - anger, not so much
29. Get Willa to the indoor university pool as a fun middle-of-the-winter treat
30. Find a good photo booth (This also inspired by Summer Pierre.)


Becky said...

Love the list. Wondering if we could combine No. 7 and No. 24 and go see a show sometime. And willing to offer help on No. 5. Edie & I combined make a killer pie crust.

Anonymous said...

I love your list! So much here that is inspiring--running, pie crust, high tea, photoboothing? Sounds like a great year! Keep us all posted!
xo Summer

Les said...

I fear that if I made such a list it would well surpass 30 and just how much I need to do would be too in my face. So I will make no list.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I am inspired. I will start working on my list. When you go to Richmond, maybe check out this place (They apparently have a working photo booth! at least as of 8/23/2011)

Bonbon Oiseau said...

Love #'s 4, 11, 21, 25 and 28. And I know the perfect #30 (see #11).
oxoxo and thanks for the visit. You totally made my day!

Mama Gone Green said...

great list. I love making these lists for myself as well!