Monday, January 9, 2012

Chasing the Light

One of the many lovely things about living on your own five acres is the privacy. Friends will ask if I feel isolated. Ah, no. If I feel a need for people and activity, I seek it out and I have learned to pre-emptively recognize that hankering. Otherwise, I cherish the space and the quiet.

Case in point: The ability to bundle up around one's 'lounge wear' ("Mommy, you wore your pajamas all day!"), pull on some warm boots and have a full-moon picnic/bonfire.

A new addition to our bonfire set-up were tree stump seats. So cool! {From Corey.} Willa thought of including sparklers and we brought out snacks and marshmallows. We could hear the yips of i-otes {coyotes} and the rambling of the Moormans River in the distance.

It always feels like we have gone on a small vacation when we do this. {I love how our house looks in the dark, too.}

Winter nighttime activities with warmth, light and a little bit of grub. I highly recommend them.


Becky said...

We live in the city, surrounded by neighbors, and do that too.
Although I bet you had a much better view of the night without the streetlights.

stacy said...

I had been resistant to moving out of our neighborhood to "the country". Deep down, I knew it would forever tarnish me to close quarters living! It's been less than a year and I can't imagine going back!