Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All Was (Somewhat) Calm

The Irish Druid in me feels the need for greenery and lights when the days get shorter. And an embarrassing amount of fatty-fat and sugar. So, the holidays fit the bill! A Christmas tree, some terrariums, as well as some homemade chocolate covered pretzels, peppermint bark and these crazy-hit-all-the-taste buds turtles that we gave as presents.

When darkness fell, we sought out lights, inside and out, and appreciated the last gasp of evening sun and the wood stove. And then lots and lots of time with friends and family.

The time off from the work routine was somewhat restorative. I have a very, very, very chatty toddler who wakes up and immediately runs from her bed to our bed. Runs! I pine wistfully for the energy I had in my 20s that I frittered away on late nights in Manhattan - fretting about what outfit to wear and where to have dinner and drinks. Four hours of sleep and I was set! Now, I get a good night's sleep and I am no match.

I am revisiting my 30 things list while looking ahead to 2012!

And, today, back at it. And by that I mean - work, exercise, eating something green, reading. I used to love those things - but it seems like a lifetime ago. Before the holiday marathon. Before the fatty-fat.

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