Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Snuck Up On Me

March is usually my time to really prep for spring - but we seem to be on fast forward around here. I prefer the rain and fog and overcast days of March to work and weed and swing the mattock and dig. And get sweaty without the swatting of bugs. And when the sun comes out, it feels good - not as if it is searing into my fair skin.

But sure signs of spring for me are those heart-racing impulse purchases at the nursery. Good grief. Will I ever learn? Apparently not - we're going on ten solid years of these highs that I am hard-wired to experience. But two of my purchases felt like grown-up gardener purchases - a saucer magnolia and a rhododendron. Shooey. I'm stoked.

The Virginia bluebells are blooming right now (bottom photo above). They are total show stoppers and so hardy. I love how their color reflects the color of the mountains. That companion plant is another native, the may apple. I was also able to get some seeds down this week, including a gift from Sarah - love-in-a-mists from Williamsburg!

Other stuffs:

Margaret Roach has a terrific post on ground covers. Just what I needed. {I also need some of those bigroot geraniums to change parts of our landscape.}

Check this out. {You plug in your zip code and it tells you when to plant things in your vegetable garden.}

I am making progress in understanding the science of breadmaking and the role that warmth plays. Warm water for the yeast to dissolve in - warm spaces when things need to rise. Got it. Finally.

Leora and I had dinner last night at a new-ish restaurant in Charlottesville. The Whiskey Jar. Why hasn't Charlottesville offered food like this before? I had shrimp and grits with an old fashioned and tasted L's collards. We also started off with hush puppies and sweet potato biscuits. Lordy. So much to savor.

It is going to be another warm weekend - so I plan on making a recent hit at our house - this chocolate-coconut sorbet.


Margaret Roach said...

How kind of you to notice my love of groundcovers. : ) Thank you!

Tracey said...

Margaret - You have totally inspired me - I hadn't heard of many of these groundcovers, as well. Thank *you*!!