Friday, June 28, 2013

Awash In Green

Terrarium life.

All good paths lead to Otis.

 The new shade garden - which now includes two varieties of fragrant hostas.

Learning our herbs.

Feeling all grow'd up. The blue hydrangea.

Things are green around here. We have had so much rain - for a change. And life is happening in and around the garden - Willa has started her own garden plot and Sam loves to be held in one arm while I spray the hose with the other.

I have officially closed out my big garden to-do list until the fall. I will not - repeat *not* - be seduced into eleventh-hour garden purchases and plantings this year. {Ha!} New additions and divisions will need to wait a few months. This is good for me - because I can just enjoy weeding and watering, for now.

Happy summer!

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