Thursday, July 18, 2013

Article on Our Gardens in C-ville Weekly

There is a small article on our gardens in the July issue of C-ville Weekly's Abode. I hope you will check it out. The photographer {Mallory Benedict} - who I was super comfortable with - also took these photos of me with my wee ones. I was so touched when she sent them to me as a gift. Oh! And she has a blog post and a section on her website with more photos of our gardens. Funnily enough, our naughty, sweet, stinky beagle made both the print edition and Mallory's blog.

I hope to post more things on the gardens shortly. I have been finding short moments to myself in the early mornings to tidy things up and weed and that is my alone time. I am so absorbed in the quiet that I forget to photograph progress/favorite spots. This working mom of two ain't for sissies.

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