Tuesday, May 26, 2015

In Full Swing/Spring


Getting ALL of the gardening things done. Found a fragrant mock orange (second photo up from bottom). Bought some cleome and tomatoes and they are all planted. Phew. My brother has some peonies he wants me to transplant and then, I should really be finished for the season. I finally treated myself to a big, yellow TubTrug and for some reason, it makes weeding that much easier/nicer. (Also, I was able to wash the dogs in it.)

This spring, I have had to become a master rose slug spotter. For years, I thought it was leaf miners decimating my roses. But a pair of reading glasses revealed rose slugs. Bam! My vintage climbing rose is so much happier these days, now that I have spent some time picking off those little suckers. 

We got out in the boats after supper on Saturday. I need to always remember the healing power of getting out on the water. Sam really got into it, too. I am a lone Scorpio in a sea of Pisces - I am glad they got me in the canoe for the sunset.

It feels like we are resurfacing after eight months of not being able to go out much at all. The easily frustrated two-year old's energy made for hard times at restaurants (we go almost never) and other outings (only if there was a wide open space for him to run). We are all excited to be out again - especially, and particularly, the toddler himself. And it is so much fun to see what he enjoys. Staring at crowds? Yes. Dancing at Fridays After Five? Yes. Dinner parties at family-friendly homes? Yes. Kicking back in the stroller? Yes. Hikes? Yes. 

I read All The Light We Cannot See over the weekend and it followed me around for days. I am also reading The Martian and catching up on the final episodes of Mad Men. We all managed to get a head cold at the end of May (grrrr!) - so there was a lot of rest time over the Memorial Day weekend.

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