Monday, May 11, 2015

Well, Well, Well

Celebrating the sun, the rain, new plants and seeds that have been scattered. 

So many plant sales! I am trying out many new things this year - as a result of the generosity of other gardeners and their divisions. Forget-me-nots, blackberry lilies, asters, lamb's ears, 'Man in the Moon' marigolds, hollyhocks, lenten roses, obedient plants and foxgloves. I have also added a few more boxwoods and sowed seeds for four different zinnia varieties ('Blue Point,' 'Granny's Bouquet,' 'Cut and Come Again' and a diminutive variety - 'Pinwheel').

There was also the transplanting of a very old rosebush, from my brother's city farmhouse property to Sugar Hollow. It has been a good faith effort and I hope it takes. The roses smell like summer, with blush-pink blooms. Fingers crossed - as its transplant involved hours of digging, a pick-up truck and a backhoe. But Chris and I did reward ourselves after all of the labor with a visit to the local Irish pub and I had a nice stiff cocktail called The McEwan.

I think I am almost done planting for the season. I did want to "treat myself" (cuz I have a problem, so this is how I rationalize additional purchases) to one or two more shrubs - and can't decide between a mockorange, pinxterbloom azalea or a Korean spice viburnum. Whatever I choose, they are on this short list because they will survive under the black walnut. It is, sometimes, like fitting pieces into a puzzle (which, turns out, I love).

Other things:

I am appreciating adult coloring books and a nice set of Prang colored pencils. It is good for my sanity. I just bought The Secret Garden, but also love coloring mandalas. Thankfully, Willa loves doing this, too. 

The new Laura Marling album. Corey bought it for me on vinyl.

Books that have blown my mind lately - Life After Life, The Department of Speculation, The Secret Keeper, Girl on the Train and We Were Liars

We spent Mother's Day at Gypsy Hill Park in Staunton. Seriously, one of the best public parks around. The Gypsy Express train, a duck pond and multiple playgrounds. Yes!


Becky said...

Life after Life slayed me. Apparently Kate Atkinson just wrote a sequel of sorts which I am giddy about, although apparently it's totally different. It was featured on the front page of yesterday's Sunday Times Book Review, which was exactly the Mother's Day gift I wanted.
I'm going to finish getting the two veggie gardens in and then I'm done for the season.

Tracey said...

I am excited about the 'sequel,' too, Becky! Even if it is totally different, it is more *Kate Atkinson*.

Good luck with the veggie gardens!