Sunday, July 20, 2008

Local Color: Crozet Farmers' Market Highlights

Willa and I greeted our Saturday morning very early yesterday. With the sun, so to speak. So I packed up her stroller and we went for a long walk in my favorite neighborhood in Crozet. With $9 in my wallet, we made a detour and hit the Crozet Farmers' market. And came home with an absolute bounty.

Organic Bright Lights swiss chard - the stalks (which can also substitute for celery) grow in neon colors. $3 per humongous bunch.

Organic plums! A father and his daughter were selling them - 10 for $1. I asked his little girl to pick out winners for me. They are pictured above.

Diminutive organic eggplants. For my favorite recipe. 2 - $1.

Oatmeal-raisin-chocolate chip cookies. 2 - $1.

One big turnip - to try out Poor Man's Shrimp. I sliced it really thin and ate it with cocktail sauce. $1.

Two hefty tomatoes - $2.

*And, for next week, when I have a little more cash . . .

Homemade Cucumber Salsa - The gentleman who sells all organic vegetables out of the back of his truck had me sample it and it will be one of my top purchases next Saturday. $7 for a quart. It tastes green and garlicky and healthy. I think I could polish off a quart in one sitting.

A restocking of Sweet Garlic Dill pickles and Strawberry Rhubarb Jam from Cheryl Beachy's stand.


That Girl said...

I MUST know what is in the cucumber salsa. I have been crazily eating cukes this summer and that sounds so good! Any ideas? And do you think it would work with zucchini?

Anonymous said...

what on earth is Poor Man's Shrimp made with thin sliced turnip? please share recipe!

Tracey said...

This recipe looks about right. I may pick up more details from him after next week's visit!

And, Anonymous, Poor Man's Shrimp. I just ate the turnip raw and sliced thin. I could have salted it a little bit. It was basically a vehicle for the spicy cocktail sauce. I need to ask the cucumber salsa guy more about it - as he also gave me this idea!

That Girl said...

Thanks Tracey....I've been looking up a variety of recipes and thinking about coming up with one of my own...I'll post it on my food blog. C

Bonbon Oiseau said...

sounds so good!! i've been doing a weekly market post because the colors are just getting out of this world!
yes please share recipe for poor man's shrimp!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

oops-just saw it! hmmm--interesting--will have to try it!

Ann said...

We were in Crozet on Saturday picking peaches -- The local food is wonderful right now!

Bob Albrecht said...

My daughter and I sold the plums. It looks like we are going to have a lot of them this year.

We are going to sell some tomato plants too.