Friday, March 2, 2007

Seed Lust - Part I

Renee's Garden Seeds

I was smitten at the first mention of cottage garden seeds. Then, I fell prey to the beautiful watercolors on each seed packet. And finally, the dizzying choices of flowers, vegetables and herbs available through her on-line catalog just simply rocked my world.

Renee's Garden Seeds are high-quality heirlooms, hybrids and open-pollinated varieties, but more than that, they inspire garden designs that make my heart race. Designs that hark back to the days of thatched-roof cottage English gardens, spilling over with scents and blooming flowers all season long, tended by some little gnome or hobbit-of-sorts.

Here's a peek at the different collections she offers (individual flower packets are also, of course, available ). . .

Heirloom Cottage Garden Collection - Mixed Shirley Poppies, Dancing Petticoats Cosmos, Mulberry Rose Nigella, Alouette Larkspur and Purple and Pink Agrostemma.

Old Fashioned Fragrance Garden - Ten Week Perfume Stock, Perfume Delighted Sweet Peas, Heliotrope, Nicotiana Alata and Moonflower Vine.

Renee has made sure to produce seeds specifically for the home gardener - focusing on "easy culture and exceptional garden performance". So you don't necessarily need to be a gnome to create your little piece of heaven.

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