Monday, May 7, 2007

Corey's Rockin' Pea Trellis

At last! And just in time. Our pea trellis is up.

I saw a version of this trellis in a neighbor's garden and committed it to memory. Its sturdiness is an important factor - as we often have high winds in the Hollow. As much as I love the beauty of bamboo trellises and the like, they end up blowing over to our next door neighbor's property after a blustery storm. Sometimes across the street and down the road. Usually never to be seen again.

Corey buried big posts about a foot in the ground on either side of the raised bed, then secured them with some super-long, heavy duty screws. For support, he included a post across the top. Finally, we wrapped chicken wire around it (so it actually has two sides - one for our snap peas, the other for our french filet beans) - and he attached that with these staple-shaped fasteners. Voila!

I'm lucky to have Corey (a master carpenter and a green builder) around. Plus, I love watching him work with tools. It just slays me. Slays me, I tell you.

If you don't have high winds or power tools, check out this earlier post for some beautiful, simple pea trellis ideas.


p dog said...

Dag. My husband is useless with tools, though he is otherwise terrific.

I've resorted to twine and bamboo for my peas in the past, but they always just end up anarchy anyway. Still, good to eat.

Where in the Blue Ridge are you? Near Plow & Hearth I see - my folks have a place in Hood and my brother in law lives in Slate Mills. Lovely down there - you're lucky!

Tracey said...

Hey there p dog - Enjoyed your blog - especially the part about the iTunes shopping spree!
I'm outside of Charlottesville - good catch on the Plow and Hearth goodies . . .

for good food said...

just looked at your photos in your etsy shop. stunning.
any discount on purchasing more than 1 print?

Tracey said...

Hi there for good food!

Funny you should ask, I just posted a Celebrate Spring sale - 10% discount on the second print; 20% discount on the third print. Thank you for your note!!

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

Now THAT's a pea trellis! I've been planting my peas this week and have been wishing for such structure. I'm exceedingly envious.