Monday, January 28, 2008

Local Color: Get Thee To A Greenhouse!

Ivy Nursery's Greenhouse

I just zipped out to lunch, to pick up a little somethin' for my mother-in-law's birthday. I decided to visit Ivy Nursery - since their greenhouse is so totally kick ass. Houseplants galore. Delicate ferns of all varieties, the scent of gardenias wafting through the deliciously humid air, cyclamens in all colors, ivies, primroses, succulents.

If you are feeling the winter doldrums, their greenhouse will pull you out of that slump. Beware, Ivy Nursery is not for the penny pincher - I usually visit for ideas and for gifts. But, I may treat myself to a few unusual ferns for my brand-spankin' new Wardian Case.

I ended up buying sweet, dwarf yellow narcissus and a small Guy Wolff & Co. scalloped-edge planter. For my MIL.

For me? I couldn't resist. They sell my cottage-garden-drug-of-choice seeds - Renee's Garden Seeds. I picked up a new variety of zinnia for 2008 - "Apricot Blush" and another zinnia - "Granny's Bouquet", as well as Hyacinth Bean Vine in "Ruby Moon." Phew. What a rush.


kate said...

This is a great idea at this time of year. It sounds to me as if you were very judicious in not buying too many seeds or plants (my weakness). said...

A kick ass green house? You make me laugh every time I visit you!

Tracey said...

Kate and MFM;

Just getting a wiff of that greenhouse air makes me giddy! 'Tis true!

It is still early yet . . . regarding seed purchasing. We'll see how I do . . . it usually ramps up to a frenzy in mid-March.